on Oct 26, 2017

To whom do I owe the honor of her love? It is the smell of the earth, carried by the breeze, after the summer rains. It is the wonder at the stars in the clear night sky. Whom can I repay for the brilliance of her presence? For it is the fire of red that illuminate the clouds as the sun breaks the horizon. It is the warm drink clutched shivering in cold hands. How deeply indebted am I for the magnificence of her friendship? For it is taste of water when tirelessly working in the scorching heat. It is the laughter which brings you to tears and takes your breath away. Yet here I am, looking across the room at her, astounded. It is handcrafted art, concealed in plain sight. It is the sun hidden among the blind. But for the sight he gave me, it is the most beautiful woman in the world he made...


on Aug 16, 2017

I saw you in the crowd. From across the room you stared at me. It was like you knew me. Your smile said that you understood the life that brought me here and you knew where I was going. Your compassion is the breeze that brings relief to the stagnant and solitary places within me. But then you looked away and I knew it wasn’t you. Just an echo of the one I love resounding through the faces of strangers. An impossible illusion of perfection.   You tapped me on the shoulder and asked if you could cut in line. My lungs searched for breath and my heart sent lightning through my chest. Your voice is the lullaby that erases the thunderstorm of the countless others hovering over me and invading my mind. But when I turned around to face the melody of the heavens, it wasn’t you. The shadow you had cast upon my enraptured heart evaporated. For the lyrics here were foreign.   You sat next to me as the sun set outside my window. We were miles above the earth and skimming the stars. You laid your head on my shoulder and I felt the tranquility...

Rotations of the galaxies

on Aug 5, 2017

How great could God truly be if he lived up only to the aspirations of the feeble minds that take his name? For him to be a god of any count, he must then exceed all of the hollow ambitions that humanity can invent. His intent is pure wisdom. His ingenious is incorruptibly brilliant. His patience is unimaginable. His meticulous strategy, to rescue us from the evils we’ve beset upon ourselves, has advanced unabated. His benevolent plan is intertwined within every moment. His plan is carried out through our noblest endeavors  and remains absolute even in our villainy.  For how great could God truly be if he could not make good of our havoc and weave the outcome into perfection. Is this is why the progressions of history take eons? For it is as the stories are woven, one generation into another, one millennia into the next, that the true patterns of God’s perfect goodness can been seen.  One must have eyes which see the rotations of the galaxies to glimpse the grandeur of God’s plans in...

Raft in the ocean blue

on Jul 10, 2017

I could tell that I lay on the remnants of a boat.  The wooden pieces made of shattered and broken beams were bound by tangled metal, tar, and rope. The heavy cords were intertwined, not by my involvement, but rather coincidence or divine intent. The now tiny raft, not much bigger than I, floated alone in a calm, unmoving ocean that stretched beyond the horizon.  The water shimmered, moved, and pulsed as the seas do, but it caused no motion in the raft for its waves were strong enough to shake leaves or seaweed had they rode atop them, but nothing more.  Not that there were such things, for the water was pristine.  I alone was the island floating in the expanse.  It was a deep blue.  The kind of blue that you imagine the ocean is before, upon visiting the sea, it is overwritten by reality. The kind of blue that children use to draw pictures of the water which they have yet to discover.   Her eyes were that blue too.  Oh, how her eyes reflected the heavens and swept me away in their sapphire brilliance. I was looking into the heart of young stars still burning...

You said, “You”

on Jan 29, 2017

Your eyes were daylight In the midnight I was drowning in Your lips carried hope and Through your laughter, I’m smilin’ Is this the day we met Or has time stood for us I asked you to tell me your hearts desire. And you said, “you!” I haven’t seen the sunsets In a thousand days but I don’t miss a thing because all I want it you Is this the day we met Or has time stood for us I asked you to tell me your hearts desire. And you said, “you!” You said, “You” And I said, “You...

To what we lay our claim

on Dec 16, 2016

Strip away everything from us until your name alone we bare. When others ask to what we lay our claim, ‘Christ’ will be all that’s there.

I feel it too

on Nov 28, 2016

I feel it.  It’s something within my chest.  When I look at you, a warmth begins in my heart and travels outwards, crawling through my veins and soft pain takes me be surprise.  Maybe it’s a rush of cold instead, that freezes and flows from the source and reaches through my chest.  It could also be a pressure trying to escape by pushing my lungs aside.  Yet it feels like a sudden vacuum pulling everything inward as if to try to collapse my ribs around it.  These sound like metaphors, but the sensation is very real and the descriptions as literal as I can make them.  Without a reference, though, I cannot explain it nor use analogy.  I have no image or explanation that will suffice.  I have never understood nor been able compare to something else the sharp twinge of pain that shoots through me.  I can only assume it is love as it only occurs in the moments I see you and when I am filled with overwhelming joy. I know I love you. Often, I feel it...

The price that I would pay

on Sep 4, 2016

I will do dishes every day.  I will fold the laundry every time we pull them from the dryer. I will vacuum the entire house.  I will water all the plants you attempt to grow.  I will run the errands that you need.  I will clean the garage when it gets full of the junk we still think we need.  I will make the bed in the mornings after we toss and turn all night.  I will sleep on the couch when you feel sick and need the bed and pillows all around to get you comfortable.  I will drive you to your parents to see your mom so that you can be encouraged.  I will take out the garbage, even though I think it’s not quite full yet.  I will make you cups of tea to help your throat.  I will dust the bookshelves even though you hadn’t noticed they were dusty.  I will straighten up the couch and arrange the decorative pillows just the way you like.  I will do all the things you need.  I will love you all the ways I can.  I will pray for you each day.   I will fail to do...

To Fall in love again

on Aug 29, 2016

I wish that parallel universes did exist. For I would travel to each of them that I may fall in love with you in every possible way, in all the different places, and again and again into forever. For this is my favorite dream.

For our pleasure

on Jul 10, 2016

​It is by His great mercy and love that He has given us reprieve from the purgatory that is this earth so that we may find joy in the glimpses of the eternal future we will have with Him through the companionship of those who walk beside us and through the provision of the earth that is not only for our needs, but also for our pleasure.


on Jul 2, 2016

Growing up is a strange phenomenon.  Your world starts out as small as you are.  As a child, you can’t really comprehend the immensity of it all.  In expanding your horizons to adulthood, you still can’t fathom it, but you have a better grasp on your own minuteness.  The world is not restricted to your childhood home.  Exploration and trailblazing are no longer limited to your backyard or treehouse.  The world expanded.  Growing up means that adventures require a great deal more sensory input.  You must leave your city and travel to another.  Once you’ve done that, the scale grows.  You must now leave your state and go to another, maybe you will need to even travel to another country.  Because of this growth, your perspective changes and, as you experience new things, so do your needs.  Where once a small town could meet every need and your parents where the catalyst of providing for that need, now you must venture elsewhere.  In doing so, something fascinating happens.   As you venture forward, the places you have left become petrified in your memory.  This is to say, you remember them as you left them.  When and if you return,...

Incurable Shortcomings

on Jun 9, 2016

In the midst of tireless teaching that diversity should be celebrated and cherished, I came to believe that my gender and the color of my skin were incurable shortcomings.  Being white and a man were my greatest socio-economic crimes.  They were crimes committed without choice or consent.  The penalty was lifelong and guilt never alleviated.  It wasn’t until adulthood that I became aware of the inconsistent consequence of such teaching and concluded that no racial education which forces someone to apologize for the factors beyond control shall ever achieve its intended purpose.  There can be no equality when one race is held with higher regard than another.  This remains true no matter which century it’s applied and no matter which race it refers.  To have equality, all diversity much be championed, even if such diversity looks like a plain white...

She is Perfect

on Jun 3, 2016

In a puzzle filled with thousands of uniquely different pieces, could any one piece be considered imperfect?  Could any one piece be labelled as “ill-suited” for the rest of the puzzle?  Overlooking the rare exception which is an improperly cut piece, no single piece is ever anything less than perfect.  In fact, in terms of puzzles, perfection is solely dependent on the complementary nature between that piece and the pieces surrounding it.  It is this use of “perfection” that I am leveraging today.   My wife is perfect.   She is perfect in several ways.  The first of which is done by the imputed righteousness of Christ, in which her imperfections and sin were replaced by his holy perfection and infinite righteousness.   The second way is that her uniqueness was divinely crafted for the purposes and good pleasure of a mighty God.  She is perfect because, when in submission to her heavenly Father, she is what he intended.  Perfection on such terms can be defined by God’s intended purpose.  Her unique gifts and talents were designed by a deeply artistic and compassionate God and his character is revealed whenever she lives out his perfect intention.  She is a...

The Activism of God

on May 21, 2016

We are a deeply deceived people, enraptured by our political ambitions and ideas that the actions of others can be modified or corrected through social activism, moral law, and informative dialogue. Yet, it is made abundantly clear in books such as the letter of Paul to the Romans, that the justness and importance of any given activism is subjective to the activist. Moral law reveals only the depth of our corruption.  Informative dialogue is ultimately useless in  doing anything to rectify our perpetual bankruptcy.   All political battles, and the compulsion to take a strong stance therein, are reactionary towards the multitude of actions and ideologies of a sinful world. This political reactionism is not only ineffective at bringing about meaningful and lasting change in the hearts and souls of those around you, it is also deeply dividing between you and those who could have otherwise been your allies. It projects the image that you are extreme, unrelatable, and contemptuous to those not holding a compatible ideology. No matter the political affiliation, those who think differently will be unable to see you as anything other than an uninformed, ignorant, and arrogant antagonist.   Our world is so entrenched in...

Him who judges justly

on May 19, 2016

My first, eternal love, has given me a heart and, within it, a will capable of submission.  He has given me his Spirit and filled me that I am not overcome with my broken desires for rebellion, but rather that I may become submitted in all things, to Him and to all human institutions.  For my savior was an example for me, that through his great submission I might see life and see the restoration of my soul.  As my brother and fellow follower of Christ, Peter, once said of the Christ, “When he was reviled, he did not revile in return; when he suffered, he did not threaten, but continued entrusting himself to him who judges justly.”   1 Peter...

Heaven’s Daughter

on Apr 16, 2016

To the field beneath the mountains That stand between the sea and endless forests Which keeps the sweeping desert From breaking past it’s divinely chosen boundaries, I saw her running with laughter on her lips And summer flowers placed within her hair Given to her by the holder of heaven’s pillars As He professed, in adoration, their sacred love affair.   She, who is heaven’s daughter, who dances in the rain While singing all the ballads he’s whispered in her ear Since the day she was brought into this world as a gift to all others blessed to walk it’s breadth, the woman who’s face radiates such vibrant colors Surpassing sunsets, with all the brilliance the sun can offer, and who’s spirit overflows with love and hope and life and whom He calls his own, has grafted herself to me To, for life, hold close and be held close Bound together by the hands of the Servant King That I may call her my greatest love Given me by her first great lover, the Founder of...


on Mar 16, 2016

When someone truly comes face to face with the love, goodness and mercy of God, they don’t need to be reminded of how undeserving they are. They will be keenly aware of it already.

A Bitter Taste

on Feb 10, 2016

Bitterness is a bitter taste, especially when you realize that you’ve forgotten it’s still there. It’s quiet, but pulsating underneath the surface and accentuating everything you think. It subtly crafts your perspective and shapes your outlook on life, while leaving unaware of its presence. Only when faced head on does bitterness reveal itself and you can see clearly its which have grown under the foundation of the building of you mind and begun to crack it. Only upon such revelation can you become informed to the sear extent of the damage. Such damage may require a complete restructuring of your mind. It is not an easy task nor is it one that can be done swiftly. The painstaking process much be done with great care as each root must be dug up and removed. Following in this line of thinking, the house must be torn down, the ground deeply dug away and the roots torn out. Only then can the ground be restored, a new foundation laid, and a new home constructed. This is not a taste for a single person, but a task for a team of skilled professionals.   Bitterness is a bitter taste. It’s destructive and...

Forever and ever

on Jan 13, 2016

Though this life seems long and full of pain,Though the trials rage as if without endToday is but a flash and moment of timeand like a droplet of water in a vast ocean. Sorrow will have its end, and in the end, even death will dieBut you, from whom all eternity flows,You will restore light to the darknessAnd heat to those standing in the cold. Father open our eyes to your futureOpen our eyes to the eternity spread beyond today.Change our minds, retrain our thoughtsto see beyond this limited human point of view. Teach our hearts to see today for what it isThat by your great Mercy,You have given us new life and living hopeAnd a future, without end, beside you May we celebrate hope in knowingThat though we struggle for a little while,We have gained the salvation of our souls and Tomorrow we will gain forever. To you, Father, to you from whom all good come,who sent Jesus Christ to be our saviorAnd granted us to be filled with your SpiritTo you belongs all glory and honor and praise. Forever and ever....

My Vows

on Aug 25, 2015

You have heard it said, that men must find every fulfillment in God alone, but this is misleading.  For it was the Trinity in fullness, God in all three persons that said, “It is not good for man to be alone.”  And this was only the beginning.  God crafted a partner for me, he crafted you.  Not to fill his place, and not to be my foundation.  No, he crafted you to be a glimpse of him, his love, his glory, his holiness, and the fullness of his name.  Oh, and what and beautiful glimpse it is.   Sarah, you are a shining light of beauty.  You are the smile that I long to come home to when the days are broken and weary.  You are the love I have dreamt of for so many years.  From you, flows the love of God that comes from the perfect harmony of the trinity.  You are a gift graced upon me by an almighty God who says, day in and day out, “I love you!  Because of the cross, you are worthy of love.”  You are an image of forgiveness for the harm I have caused others and myself.  You are...