A Bitter Taste

on Feb 10, 2016

Bitterness is a bitter taste, especially when you realize that you’ve forgotten it’s still there. It’s quiet, but pulsating underneath the surface and accentuating everything you think. It subtly crafts your perspective and shapes your outlook on life, while leaving unaware of its presence. Only when faced head on does bitterness reveal itself and you can see clearly its which have grown under the foundation of the building of you mind and begun to crack it. Only upon such revelation can you become informed to the sear extent of the damage. Such damage may require a complete restructuring of your mind. It is not an easy task nor is it one that can be done swiftly. The painstaking process much be done with great care as each root must be dug up and removed. Following in this line of thinking, the house must be torn down, the ground deeply dug away and the roots torn out. Only then can the ground be restored, a new foundation laid, and a new home constructed. This is not a taste for a single person, but a task for a team of skilled professionals.


Bitterness is a bitter taste. It’s destructive and consuming. Left unattended, it will destroy you.


God of hope, overcome my bitter heart. Take and uproot its holds. Tear up my foundation and set a new one upon the solid unbreakable ground that is the truth of your word. Rebuild the home that is my life and fill it with your Spirit that your hope may overflow from the doors and windows.


You are the power and might that conquers the dark. You are the still voice that shakes the wickedness from my body. You are the mercy that took a decrepit and condemned building and declared it new. You are the grace that put a mansion in its place.


You, the source of glory, joy, and hope, are making all things new. You have done so yesterday, are doing so today, and will continually do so on into forver!


Thank you.