I feel it too

on Nov 28, 2016

I feel it.  It’s something within my chest.  When I look at you, a warmth begins in my heart and travels outwards, crawling through my veins and soft pain takes me be surprise.  Maybe it’s a rush of cold instead, that freezes and flows from the source and reaches through my chest.  It could also be a pressure trying to escape by pushing my lungs aside.  Yet it feels like a sudden vacuum pulling everything inward as if to try to collapse my ribs around it.  These sound like metaphors, but the sensation is very real and the descriptions as literal as I can make them.  Without a reference, though, I cannot explain it nor use analogy.  I have no image or explanation that will suffice.  I have never understood nor been able compare to something else the sharp twinge of pain that shoots through me.  I can only assume it is love as it only occurs in the moments I see you and when I am filled with overwhelming joy.

I know I love you.

Often, I feel it too.