on Aug 16, 2017

I saw you in the crowd. From across the room you stared at me. It was like you knew me. Your smile said that you understood the life that brought me here and you knew where I was going. Your compassion is the breeze that brings relief to the stagnant and solitary places within me. But then you looked away and I knew it wasn’t you. Just an echo of the one I love resounding through the faces of strangers. An impossible illusion of perfection.


You tapped me on the shoulder and asked if you could cut in line. My lungs searched for breath and my heart sent lightning through my chest. Your voice is the lullaby that erases the thunderstorm of the countless others hovering over me and invading my mind. But when I turned around to face the melody of the heavens, it wasn’t you. The shadow you had cast upon my enraptured heart evaporated. For the lyrics here were foreign.


You sat next to me as the sun set outside my window. We were miles above the earth and skimming the stars. You laid your head on my shoulder and I felt the tranquility of your presence pour over me like the summer rain washed over your face as you stood laughing in the downpour. But as I reached to take your hand, mine rested on an empty seat. This was a shimmer of your love left rippling through me and into the cabin of the plane.


You are not a trick, but a comfort. You are my constant companion, my daydream, my longing, my heart, my beloved and my friend.


You are the lighthouse ever shining into the storm. No matter the worlds between us, you are the beacon from across the sky, guiding me back home.