Rotations of the galaxies

on Aug 5, 2017

How great could God truly be if he lived up only to the aspirations of the feeble minds that take his name? For him to be a god of any count, he must then exceed all of the hollow ambitions that humanity can invent. His intent is pure wisdom. His ingenious is incorruptibly brilliant. His patience is unimaginable. His meticulous strategy, to rescue us from the evils we’ve beset upon ourselves, has advanced unabated. His benevolent plan is intertwined within every moment. His plan is carried out through our noblest endeavors  and remains absolute even in our villainy.  For how great could God truly be if he could not make good of our havoc and weave the outcome into perfection.

Is this is why the progressions of history take eons? For it is as the stories are woven, one generation into another, one millennia into the next, that the true patterns of God’s perfect goodness can been seen.  One must have eyes which see the rotations of the galaxies to glimpse the grandeur of God’s plans in action.