The Activism of God

on May 21, 2016

We are a deeply deceived people, enraptured by our political ambitions and ideas that the actions of others can be modified or corrected through social activism, moral law, and informative dialogue. Yet, it is made abundantly clear in books such as the letter of Paul to the Romans, that the justness and importance of any given activism is subjective to the activist. Moral law reveals only the depth of our corruption.  Informative dialogue is ultimately useless in  doing anything to rectify our perpetual bankruptcy.


All political battles, and the compulsion to take a strong stance therein, are reactionary towards the multitude of actions and ideologies of a sinful world. This political reactionism is not only ineffective at bringing about meaningful and lasting change in the hearts and souls of those around you, it is also deeply dividing between you and those who could have otherwise been your allies. It projects the image that you are extreme, unrelatable, and contemptuous to those not holding a compatible ideology. No matter the political affiliation, those who think differently will be unable to see you as anything other than an uninformed, ignorant, and arrogant antagonist.


Our world is so entrenched in its sin that we cannot see the light and the prince of the power of the air ensures that our blindness and misguided passions are overindulged, but never satiated. So much so is this enabling, that we soon become convinced that we are the only ones who can truly see and that our passions are rooted in benevolence. When each of us adopts this delusion of superiority, we are obliged to proselytize our version of reality. This perceived enlightenment is deeply attractive as it feeds the original sin. This sin, which devours us all and brought down the mightiest of the angelic beings and made him lower than the dust of the earth, is pride.


We are not called to reactionism. For pride, the perceived benevolence and wisdom which we or others claim to have, cannot be changed or altered by intellectual arguments and moralistic rhetoric. It cannot be modified by philosophical debate or culturally ethical expectations. No, pride can only be conquered and true sight restored by the blood of Jesus Christ, sanctifying power of the Holy Spirit, and the eternal will of God. All endeavors to affect change in others, outside of guiding them to the cross, are an utter waste. All activism, not submitted and rooted in the work of the Holy Spirit, is misguided. All ideas and affections not fixated on God the Father are empty and valueless.


If you desire to be an agent of change, you must acknowledge these truths: That the Holy Spirit alone can shape the minds and hearts of mankind. That all conversations and actions must be rooted in revealing the Godhood of Christ to a broken world. That change will only occur when the hearer humbles himself, following the example of Christ, and submits to the perfect will of the Father. Lastly, you must accept that you are not capable of affecting righteous change, rather God alone is the only true and incorruptible affecter. Your ability to partake in such a cause is beyond your human capacity and is purely dependent on him.


I urge then, recognize that your desires of the flesh are empty and look to a savior who longs to give you the passions of his Spirit, that which does not fade and truly satisfies. Fix your eyes upon the cross and upon your God as to not be distracted with the deception of the enemy and lured away by the temporal and eternally trivial ambitions of this world.


The Founder of Eternity has seen fit to rescue you. It pleased him, in the greatest act and perfect picture of love, to carry out justice on your behalf against his Son. It is for his glory that he has done this and he has called you by name to relationship with him. There is no other change, throughout eternity past and future, personal, political, or spiritually, greater than that which takes an enemy of God, and transforms them into a cherished and treasured friend, child, and royal heir to the kingdom of the Most High.


Therefore, for the glory of God, out of your affection and gratitude towards him for your conversion from corruption to righteousness, be consumed with the election and transformation of all mankind.  Release all other activisms as fraudulent imposters to the activism of the Holy Spirit, Jesus Christ, and God the Father, which is the glory of God and the salvation of man.