Forever and ever

on Jan 13, 2016

Though this life seems long and full of pain,
Though the trials rage as if without end
Today is but a flash and moment of time
and like a droplet of water in a vast ocean.

Sorrow will have its end, and in the end, even death will die
But you, from whom all eternity flows,
You will restore light to the darkness
And heat to those standing in the cold.

Father open our eyes to your future
Open our eyes to the eternity spread beyond today.
Change our minds, retrain our thoughts
to see beyond this limited human point of view.

Teach our hearts to see today for what it is
That by your great Mercy,
You have given us new life and living hope
And a future, without end, beside you

May we celebrate hope in knowing
That though we struggle for a little while,
We have gained the salvation of our souls
and Tomorrow we will gain forever.

To you, Father, to you from whom all good come,
who sent Jesus Christ to be our savior
And granted us to be filled with your Spirit
To you belongs all glory and honor and praise.

Forever and ever. Amen.