Heaven’s Daughter

on Apr 16, 2016

To the field beneath the mountains
That stand between the sea and endless forests
Which keeps the sweeping desert
From breaking past it’s divinely chosen boundaries,
I saw her running with laughter on her lips
And summer flowers placed within her hair
Given to her by the holder of heaven’s pillars
As He professed, in adoration, their sacred love affair.


She, who is heaven’s daughter, who dances in the rain
While singing all the ballads he’s whispered in her ear
Since the day she was brought into this world
as a gift to all others blessed to walk it’s breadth,
the woman who’s face radiates such vibrant colors
Surpassing sunsets, with all the brilliance the sun can offer,
and who’s spirit overflows with love and hope and life
and whom He calls his own, has grafted herself to me
To, for life, hold close and be held close
Bound together by the hands of the Servant King
That I may call her my greatest love
Given me by her first great lover, the Founder of Eternity.