The price that I would pay

on Sep 4, 2016

I will do dishes every day.  I will fold the laundry every time we pull them from the dryer. I will vacuum the entire house.  I will water all the plants you attempt to grow.  I will run the errands that you need.  I will clean the garage when it gets full of the junk we still think we need.  I will make the bed in the mornings after we toss and turn all night.  I will sleep on the couch when you feel sick and need the bed and pillows all around to get you comfortable.  I will drive you to your parents to see your mom so that you can be encouraged.  I will take out the garbage, even though I think it’s not quite full yet.  I will make you cups of tea to help your throat.  I will dust the bookshelves even though you hadn’t noticed they were dusty.  I will straighten up the couch and arrange the decorative pillows just the way you like.  I will do all the things you need.  I will love you all the ways I can.  I will pray for you each day.


I will fail to do everything above.  I will fight to make each failure right again.  I will get frustrated and I will apologize.  I will hurt you and I will feel the hurt I’ve caused.  I will reach out to you to mend the pain.  I will never stop trying…


For if this is price of getting to call you my wife, my beloved, my dearest friend, and my companion for forever, then I willingly pay it all.  For this price is far below your worth and you are valued far above my works.  You are the treasured daughter of Almighty God and nothing I can ever do will make it even.