1829: Relationship Keys-Part 1 “Love”

on Aug 20, 2015

1829: Relationship Keys-Part 1 “Love”

Have mercy on me

on Jun 24, 2015

Who looks to you and thinks himself mightyWho listens to your voice and declares it silent Who sees you face to face and is not turned to dust Who knows your name and does not tremble?   For none can hear the thunder and shout louder None can, with their breath, change the direction of the winds No one can stand when the earth shudders and say, “No more!” For no storm or earth quake will listen to that voice.   So I ask again, who can stand in your presence? There is no arrogance that will not be broken There is no confidence that will not be shaken There is no pride that will not crumble and fall away.   For we, such beings made from dust and divine breath, Will be compelled, by our very bones, to fall before you. It will be in fear, in awe, in wonder, and in adoration, That in that moment, we all raise our voices upwards.   “You alone are King. There is no other. You alone are worthy. There is none greater. You alone are Lord, Master, Creator, and Owner of all. You alone are God. Have mercy on...

1829: Growing up “Balancing Money”

on Jun 18, 2015

1829: Growing up “Balancing Money”

With a plank in your eye

on May 22, 2015

Just because a person, who condemns your sins, is caught in sin, it doesn’t negate yours nor does it make sin any less detestable to God. The only thing that changes is your perception. Your condemner can now be clearly seen as a fellow sinner. This is the truth for all man. Each man condemns the sins he does not commit, yet distains other men for exposing the ones he does. You cheer at the folly of the other because, in your eyes, your sin is now somehow less grave than his. Yet you and he are the same, you just sin differently. As Christ said, “No one is good except God...

All that you are

on May 16, 2015

Nothing is pure and nothing is sacred and nothing is holy anymore… Nothing is safe and nothing is protected and nothing is peaceful anymore… Nothing is divine and nothing is special and nothing is godly anymore… Nothing is fearless and nothing is bold and nothing is unashamed anymore… Nothing is kind and nothing is gentle and nothing is loving anymore… Nothing, no nothing, except all that You...

Without Scars

on May 14, 2015

Without scars you restored my shattered heart.  Not bound with glue or with repair, but as whole though no damage had ever come upon it.  The pieces you took in your hands, and with your magnificent grace, you drew them part by part, each to each other.  This was you act or mercy upon me. This was your pursuit of me.  This is your act of compassion on me. Not deserved, but granted, you gave life’s blood to my crumbled chest and with the metronome of your love and mighty power you set its beating time. You called me yours and clothed me in white and declared my name new and unashamed.  You granted me rights and authority in heaven and on earth to go and be your voice. For your mercies enduring and love everlasting have been visited upon me. Therefore, built by your hands, restored by your grace, beating with the song of your love, and flowing ever more with the blood of the Son, my heart is yours and yours alone, my Beloved, Immortal, and Magnificent Savior.  My God and my King, I am...

He is love

on May 4, 2015

God does not love you for who you are. He loves you as you are because of who he is. And because of who he is, he cannot and will not allow you to remain as you are.  Anything less would not be love.

The Cross

on Apr 3, 2015

It was easy for you, the salvation of all mankind. But for one man, to save only himself, that is impossible. For the glory of eternity, redemption of all the earth and the cosmos above… only you could do it. And then you did it.  You endured the cross, it’s shame and disgrace, for the joy of the sacrifice set before you. Consider the animal. Consider the instinct. It does what it does because it can know nothing else. I was that animal. I was that slave. Therefore the cross is not my sorrow, it’s my freedom. It is my salvation. Above all, the cross is your glory and majesty displayed for the universe in all of its infinite expanse to see that you alone are God! You alone are perfect! You alone are life and hope and peace. The cross is your Name imbued upon all this is, that was, and that ever will be....

The Story

on Mar 23, 2015

You’re looking for the story right? It’s in the title of this page. Yet this all appears like disjointed thoughts and chaotic meanderings. I smile at that description because there’s a little voice in me that remarks with a smirk, “What kind of story were you looking for?” The story is mine. It’s my life. It’s my thoughts. It’s my walk beneath the covering grace of my savior. More often than not, it follows the same pattern as this story. Have a conversation with me lasting more than a few minutes and you’ll discover that each disjointed note written on this site is exactly how my mind actually works. Each thought is just a catalyst to usher in another one of no relation. This does not mean, however, that these are without purpose or without direction. Rather, the contrary is true. Each word I write comes with another step towards my Father. Each day of this journey I learn more about Him through communing with him and my world is profoundly altered by the encounter. What you see are snap shots. Each post is a snap shot, like a camera recording random events by capturing it in that instance....


on Mar 20, 2015

It’s been a long time since I’ve been in this city. Four years since I walked these cold streets in the shadow of these towers. You still hold the stone silence behind those bricks and steel while keeping watch over the water from your mighty citadel. There are voices in your heart calling back to you. They are from the mighty God on high, calling your people to himself. No black tower can strike fear. No lights of the night will lead them astray, for they are divined to conquer the darkness. Years ago you held my broken heart with your frozen and lifeless fingers so void of all emotion and compassion, yet here I am, standing again at your gates. For you see, you cannot take life from me for you cannot conquer the source who, by his will, breathed his spirit into all mankind. I walk your heart as a man owned by the Almighty and King of kings. When I speak, I do so with the full authority of the Master who numbers your days. When I pray, the light draws battle lines and wicked withdraw. When I walk in obedience to the great Power, you...

Even Death Will Die

on Feb 9, 2015

The gates of glory come ever nearer Drawing closer the day that death will die. Fear not of life’s dark companion With its power ever waning. What harsh dominion, almost over Strikes fear in the hearts of man. Yet its might is an empty tomb Its confidence, a crumbling headstone. Death, its conqueror reigns, Where can it flee? No, death cannot kill me, No cage of dread can bind me to its fate. Those clutches have lost their grip I’ve forever been set free No longer enslaved to plague and torment And bound to endless suffering. No, death, it cannot kill me, For it has been overcome. Hastening ever closer is that day When even death will...

Fear of what you’ll allow

on Jan 28, 2015

Yes, Father, I’m afraid. I’m afraid of what you’ll allow. I’m afraid the cost of your goodness to me will hurt. I have a past filled with such hurt and I point to that and say, “See, there is such pain in your discipline. Deep is the suffering that brings me to your throne room.” I know that you are good and that your plans for me a not for my harm. Yet I have been harmed. I have a life that proves that you allow the sting of sin. I wish for nothing deeper than to see you face to face. I wish for no greater thing than to be perfected by you. Yet I don’t know what the cost will be to bring such things to an end. In our culture we throw words around like “Die to self” or “living sacrifices”, but have no concept of price of doing such things. Families are torn apart, business run into the ground, and lives are lost. Death comes in the most horrific forms. Sometimes death comes slowly, as you watch the one you love succumb to that disease that ravages their body. It comes when least expected, when...

Princess of the Meadows

on Jan 3, 2015

“You are…”  I paused at this because my mouth always moved so much faster than my thoughts.  I was so overwhelmed that I couldn’t find the words to suffice.  Each time you came into my eyes I would become tongue tied.  It was as if eloquence was lost.  It was as if two different people were in control of my mind.  The writer also did most of the speaking.  He saw you and began a mad scramble to compliment you while mumbling possible ideas, but the other, the ones who’s heart was tied with mine, he was so stunned that he could barely breathe.  He quickly grabbed the writer, pointed his head towards you and said, “Shut up and look.”  To this, both were left gaping at the beauty and loveliness while trying to absorb all of you that they could.   Here-in was the problem.  See, the writer stopped writing.  He stopped his normally uninterrupted production of quips, satire, profundity, and otherwise inspiring and encouraging words so that he could stare.    All you got was, “You are…” followed by a dumbfounded look of complete adoration and captivation.   Your spirit is vibrant and bright and you bring joy...

I Remember the Meadows

on Dec 19, 2014

She was more beautiful than my memories could sustain. With each passing day, those images had faded making it slightly more bearable to go on without her. It was still new, yet that age old adage that time will heal all wound is, in the end, a somber truth. Even if the wound never completely heals, time helps you forget.   There hadn’t been enough time. Lying alone in the darkness, with sheets tormenting my skin and my mind assaulting my spirit with memory after memory, I could do little but stare into the hollow black. Some nights I would stumble into the living room and sit alone on the couch. A random TV show would be my solitary companion with the solemn duty of filling my mind with other things in an attempt to force out the memories. Distraction was the only method by which I could successfully function enough to continue living. For if I couldn’t contain my emotions, I wouldn’t sleep. Without sleep, I couldn’t wake to continue earning a living . I often convinced myself out of necessity that this pain I could deal with another day at another time. But that night was different. I...

The stars are not silent

on Dec 3, 2014

For all its vast plains, majestic mountain ranges, open valleys, winding rivers, and mighty oceans, the earth is a fragile oasis suspended in the blackness within a hostile expanse which it, by its very nature, is incompatible. With opened eyes and new discoveries, it becomes ever clearer that the world humanity has inhabited for eons is a stark enigma to an otherwise sterile universe. Look to the stars, not for your hope and not for your salvation. Do not gaze upon other worlds with the ambition and intent for them to be your future. Instead, when you see dimly through the lenses of our time, or tread softly on the surfaces of those other barren rocks, seek truth. Expect revelation. Listen to voices that echo across the heavens. Hear what they declare. For the stars are not silent and the cosmos is not...


on Dec 1, 2014


The Scarlet Letter

on Nov 5, 2014

A letter, written in scarlet, bears the names of the fallen, And is nailed upon that cross where you erased history That the very breath of God could once again flow through men. Darkness was overcome and death was silenced. You look back at us and call us your own, Perfect, beloved, beautiful and cherished bride. From death to life and from darkness to light, You call us innocent. You call us perfect. In our earthly flesh, we look to the heavens And see the majesty and the wonder of all that you designed, And in your shadow beneath your created expanse, We cannot fathom the love which compelled you. “Who am I” David said, “that you would be mindful of me” Yet, upon that cross, with thunder shaking the ground, through the torn veil and shatter stones split by the movement of the earth, and beyond the darkness which covered the heavens and blackened the sky, You wrote these words in red, “I AM the Infinite, I AM the son, the master of the dust, the breath of life, I AM the king above all kings, author of heaven and earth, I AM the Immortal, the shaper of all that...


on Oct 26, 2014

Forgive me, Father, for I have sinned against you.  Forgive the evil within my heart that twists and turns until it distorts the truth that you revealed.  Forgive the choices I have made to lead my here, to walk outside your will, and to mark my life with scars.   Rise my child, be strengthened in me, for the journey is too great for you.   Father, this is evil.  I walk alone down those hallways and I carry out the very things you hate.  How can I find relief, how can I see peace, how can I know forgiveness when this is against the very character of the All Mighty?  How can I rest when such injustice against your perfect design is called “right” and “good”?   Where is righteousness in the midst of such perversion?   My son, all is well.   I do not hide the bitterness from you.  You see the shame, the fear, and the doubt as open pages illuminated by only by your goodness.  “Six years”, they shake their heads, “It’s been so long.”  Does it really come to an end like this?  “You must be relieved.” Five months more to those years make...

My kind of adventure

on Oct 1, 2014

If you want to get lost, follow me. I don’t know where I’m going, but I know whom I follow. Walk along side me and soon you’ll discover I haven’t a clue where I’m going or how long it will be until we’ll get there. It’s worth every step on this twisted path because of who directs each and every foot fall. I long to hold your hand and walk together for a little while because you’re just as lost as I and I wouldn’t want any other way   When I feel like I’ve got it figured out And trust myself to be our guide I soon discover I’m really just wandering blindly with my hands covering my eyes.   We may never see the forest from the trees Or even beyond the rocks just ahead, but look how far we’ve come after all this time of not knowing anything at all. I know you and I will be okay! We’ve made it this far and tomorrow’s More of the same not knowing where we are or where we’re going.   It doesn’t matter anyway, right? Because after all this time we’re still okay. As long you’re as lost...

God gave me words

on Oct 1, 2014

“Was that an original composition?” I had finished reading a prayer for the group when that question was floated my way.  I confirmed that it was and we moved on.  The rest of the night went on without another thought to the question.   Early the next day, as my mind began it’s high pace morning routine, that question returned.  The night before I was a little bewildered when I answered the question, but I didn’t put any thought into why.  Now, though, my mind raced over it again.  I wouldn’t pray with any words that weren’t my own.  It didn’t make sense to me to do such a thing, but it made sense, I figured, that someone would ask.  Then a powerful thought interrupted mine.   The night before, one of the others had made a small comment:  all talents, abilities, skills, successes, and other good things are all gifts from God.  They originate from God.  How could we be proud of something we were given and did not earn nor deserve?  We can’t even be proud of the little things, for we are images of God and the good in us is just a reflection of him.  It...